why swaziland?

This small country in Africa has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world, giving it the name, “Nation of Orphans”. Generations of people in this country have been decimated by AIDS leaving many children orphaned and alone, without anyone to call mom or dad. 

Because there are virtually no orphanages in Swaziland, these children are literally left to fend for themselves without any means of survival. Widely held myths and misunderstandings about AIDS have left many girls vulnerable to sexual abuse and infection of HIV. Young children throughout Swazi are often found to be the head of the household, caring for all their younger siblings and other children who have no one. Orphans are left susceptible to malnutrition, disease, and abuse. Due to this harsh reality HopeChest has created a place for orphans to find refuge, a place to be loved and fed - a CarePoint. 


• Estimated number of people all ages living with HIV (2009): 170,000-200,000

• Orphans (all causes): 150,000

• Orphans (by AIDS): 69,000

• Life expectancy at birth: 46 years

• Estimated adult HIV prevalence rate: 25.9%

(Data provided by UNICEF)

2016 trip details

Trip Dates: October 1st - 12th, 2016

The purpose of this trip is to show love and care to the CarePoint. We spend time with the children as well as with the D-team, Bomaki, and AIM Staff. We will create and run a “VBS” program with a Fun Day for the children of the CarePoint. We will also be exploring ways to partner with MC3 (a church we partner with) in new ways. Each year this trip helps to grow and strengthen our partnership with the ministry happening there.