july 7-17, 2016

The study of God’s Word was prohibited in Estonia for over fifty years. Consequently, the nation is one of the most pagan in all of Europe. A recent Gallup poll indicated that 84% of Estonians said religion of any sort was unimportant, ranking them the highest in all of Europe. Only 18% say they believe that there is a God. The primary mission of many local churches is the evangelization of younger people. Their desire is to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are finding that many people are receptive to the Gospel, but the workers are few.

We have partnered with Josiah Venture in running an English camp for Estonian youth. The camp provides the team with a platform for relational peer-to-peer ministry. Team members have the opportunity to build relationships with the students by facilitating small group discussions and leading English exercises. It is a unique and powerful opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus.


Victoria Cumbie

Holly Haymore

Morgan Yates

Savannah Zenger

Sam Collis

Wayland Joyner

David Waller

Tyler O'Donnell

Joshua Budd

Harper Boone

Mark Duncan


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