lord, change me

CHRISTMAS 2015 • hope has come

The greatest gifts at Christmas are always those that fill the greatest need. This Christmas we celebrate the greatest gift mankind has ever received, that filled the deepest of our needs, hope in the coming of Jesus Christ.



The greatest blessings we have in our salvation is the joy we have in Christ. However, even though we have the confidence of our salvation, we live in a world that calls us to go back to a sinful pattern, a doubting spirit, or a wavering commitment to Christ. The book of Philippians gives us an example of a church who lived in the lasting change that Christ affords despite the crashing waves of the world. Please join us as we hear from God’s word how to never change back, but remain living a life of lasting change.


fully engaged

In Luke 19 Jesus told the parable of a noblemen who entrusted his servants with a gift to be used. He said in verse 13, “Engage in business until I come.” Unto the servant who did well the master said, “ Well done, good servant.” The business we are engaged in is building the kingdom of God, which is His church! Over the next 7 weeks we will be hearing from God’s word on how we are to be Fully Engaged in our relationship with Christ and his church, so that we will continue to grow as a church that is passionately pursuing Christ’s glory.

Part 1: Aug 9 - Fully Engaged in Christ

Part 2: Aug 16 - Fully Engaged in Worship

Part 3: Aug 23 - Fully Engaged in God's Word

Part 4: Aug 30 - Fully Engaged in Prayer

Part 5: Sept 6 - Fully Engaged in Proclamation

Part 6: Sept 13 - Fully Engaged in Giving

Part 7: Sept 20 - Fully Engaged in Uncommon Community